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The Angel of Abundance
  • The Angel of Abundance


    Introducing the Hand of Fatima, also known as Jamsa, Khamsa or Hamsa, a jewel with deep meaning and a fascinating cultural heritage. This hand, which gets its name from the Arabic word for "five", is intrinsically linked with luck in Muslim tradition due to its five fingers, which symbolize the number of fortune.


    This Hand of Fatima amulet or talisman is a powerful symbol of strength, power and blessing. It has been used throughout history as a protection against envy and the evil eye, offering a spiritual and energetic defense. Carrying it with you is a constant reminder of your ability to bravely face adversity and receive blessings from the universe.


    Made of golden stainless steel, this piece of jewelery combines beauty and durability. In addition, it includes an elegant black cord that perfectly complements its design. With the Hand of Fatima, you are carrying with you an ancient symbol that transcends cultures and connects you with a heritage of protection and strength.

    Allow this Hand of Fatima to be an extension of your being, a constant reminder of your inner strength, and a protective tool on your path. Wear it proudly and open your life to the positive energies and blessings that await you.

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