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The Transmuting Angel
  • The Transmuting Angel


    Discover the extraordinary Transmuting Angel, the powerful Archangel Zadquiel who is always at your disposal to transform and improve your life! Its transcendental influence can enrich your personal relationships and pave the way in any situation that arises.


    Archangel Zadquiel, also known as the Transmuting Angel, exercises his benevolent presence to clean the traces of previous lives, heal souls and grant the gift of forgiveness. Its essence embodies mercy and benevolence. Through his guidance, you can tap into the powerful Violet Flame, the divine essence that vibrates at the highest frequency, dissolving memories that hinder your personal and spiritual development.


    To maximize the influence of Archangel Zadquiel, we offer you the sacred Violet Pyramid, an essential complement that should always accompany the Archangel statuette. This pyramid acts as an energy channel that amplifies its presence in your space.


    Invocation to Archangel Zadquiel

    In the name of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

    I invoke you Archangel Zadquiel of the violet ray.

    I call on you to help the transmutation of my karma and that it be transformed with love.

    May they be transformed into compassion, honesty and peace.

    With the maximum harmony and decree and assent in your name that my whole soul be wrapped in your magical lightning and give me the necessary harmony to fulfill my mission.

    I am the violet flame, the fire and forgiveness itself.

    So be it

    That's how it is

    That's what it will be like

    Thank you blessed Archangel Zadquiel

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