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The Bag of Fortune
  • The Bag of Fortune


    We present to you the magnificent Bag of Fortune, an amulet of great power that gathers the most effective symbols of prosperity, money and abundance, all in an elegant and sophisticated silk bag that you can take with you everywhere.


    This Bag of Fortune incorporates the following amulets:

    • Card of the Chinese God Cai Shen, the God of Wealth.
    • Three Chinese sacred coins.
    • Chinese gold ingot symbol.
    • The Amulet of Fortune and Money, with the symbol of the 100 dollar bill in its center, surrounded by talismans recognized worldwide for attracting prosperity.

    Carrying this amulet with you allows you to invoke the energy of money, opulence and prosperity that the Universe already has in store for you. Each of the symbols contained in this bag has a rich and powerful history in the tradition of attracting wealth.


    The Bag of Fortune is not just a charm; it is a gateway to the currents of abundance that flow around you. Always carry it with you as a constant reminder that you are deserving of all the blessings life has to offer.

    Allow the Bag of Fortune to be your companion on this journey to prosperity and opulence. Open your life to the blessings of the Universe and allow them to flow to you through this amulet of great power!

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