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Holy Water Cleanse
  • Holy Water Cleanse


    We present to you Holy Water, an elixir capable of capturing and transmitting divine blessings, becoming a powerful tool to trigger purification and protection processes for both your soul and your home.


    The use of this water connects us with the essence of our baptism and the promises we seal in that sacred moment. This water, through the blessing of the priest, acquires the essence of the baptism of Christ and becomes a direct channel of divine grace.


    By acquiring the Holy Water, we give you a branch of Salvia completely FREE. This sacred branch allows you to purify your home through its white smoke, creating an environment of spiritual cleansing and renewal.


    Take this opportunity to invoke divine protection and purification in your life and in your living space. Holy Water and the Salvia branch come together to provide you with a set of essential tools on your spiritual path.

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