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Hand of Fatima Bracelet
  • Hand of Fatima Bracelet


    We gracefully present the Hand of Fatima Bracelet, a piece of jewelry that pays homage to the tradition and meaning of the Hand of Fatima, also known as the Jamsa, Khamsa, or Hamsa. This symbol, derived from the Arabic word meaning "five", carries with it the power of luck according to Muslim belief, due to its five fingers representing this auspicious number.


    The Hand of Fatima amulet or talisman is a protective force, symbol of power and bearer of blessings. Its usefulness lies in its ability to shield us from envy and the evil eye, providing a spiritual and energetic defense in our day to day. By wearing this bracelet, you are carrying with you a constant reminder of your strength and your ability to receive the blessings that flow in the universe.


    The Hand of Fatima Bracelet is made with jade and red and black coral stones, combining the energy of these natural elements with the powerful meaning of the Hand of Fatima. Each stone brings its own properties and benefits, creating a unique synergy of protection and vitality.


    Let this bracelet be more than an ornament; may it be an extension of your being and a tool of protection and blessing on your way. Wear it with pride and open your life to luck, strength and the positive energies that surround you.

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