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"Om mani padme hum" bracelet for women
  • "Om mani padme hum" bracelet for women


    Awaken the power within with our dazzling Tibetan Copper Bracelet! Masterfully forged, it is inscribed with the sacred mantra "Om mani padme hum".


    This six-syllable mantra transcends time and space, blessing every aspect of your being: body, speech, and mind.

    The Tibetan Bracelet is more than a jewel, it is a transformation tool. Each touch of polished copper is a reminder of the purification of pride, envy and ego. Each inscribed syllable is an invitation to free yourself from negative passions and desires. By wearing it on your wrist, you will invoke the power of the mantra, igniting the cleansing and transmutation process in your energy.


    This bracelet is your companion on the path of personal growth. It is an expression of your desire to transform and uplift your inner being. Do not wait more! Acquire this jewel with a super special price and awaken the energy of the mantra in your life. Your transformation starts here and now!

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