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Seven Chakras Bracelet
  • Seven Chakras Bracelet


    Discover the wonder of the Seven Chakras Bracelet, a unique expression of energy and balance designed to elevate your well-being on all levels. Each bracelet incorporates the vibrant colors of the seven chakras, creating a harmonizing channel for your energy points.


    By wearing this bracelet with you, you allow the energy of each chakra to flow in perfect harmony. The colors represent everything from rooting and passion to intuition and spiritual connection. This bracelet acts as a constant reminder of the importance of maintaining a balanced energy flow.


    Your holistic well-being is our priority. Elevate your vital energy, activate your potential and balance your chakras with this Seven Chakras Bracelet.


    Take harmony with you and experience the power of balanced energy in every step you take! 💫🌈📿


    muladhara, the first chakra of red color

    It's survival

    svadhisthana, second chakra orange

    is the pleasure

    Manipura, third chakra yellow

    It's willpower

    Anahata, fourth chakra green

    It is love

    Vishuddha, fifth chakra blue

    It's the truth

    ajna, sixth chakra of indigo color

    It is the discernment

    Soma, violet seventh chakra

    It's cosmic energy


    Made of natural stones and ceramics.

    SKU: PSC
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