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Road Opener Ritual
  • Road Opener Ritual


    The meticulously designed Road Opener Ritual aims to clear your path to new opportunities and open doors in your life.


    At the heart of this ritual is our exclusive Abrecaminos Perfume with Pheromones, a fragrance that combines powerful aromatic elements with carefully selected pheromones. These pheromones work in harmony with your energy to attract positive vibes and meaningful connections.


    In addition, the kit includes two exquisite Quartz Stones, specially chosen to enhance mental clarity and intuition. Carry them with you in your pockets, as close to your skin as possible, to benefit from their balancing and transforming energies.


    To complete this set, we provide you with a branch of Sap, meant to be burned to cleanse and purify your living environment. This ancient practice will help you release negative energies and create a space full of freshness and vitality.


    Begin your journey towards a life full of possibilities with our Abrecaminos Ritual. Each element has been carefully selected to provide you with a unique and transformative experience.


    Don't wait any longer to unlock new routes to your dreams and revitalize your living space!


    Ritual Prayer Abrecaminos 

    "In this instant, I open my being to the universal energies of change and expansion. 

    Through the Abrecaminos Ritual, I allow the doors of opportunity to unfold before me, and with each spritz of the Abrecaminos Perfume, I attract transformative connections and possibilities. 

    I carry the Quartz Stones with me, close to my skin, to enhance my intuition and mental clarity on my way. 

    By burning the branch of Sap, I purify my environment, releasing the old and making space for the new. 

    I am ready to move forward with courage, confidence and determination towards the paths opened by the universe. 

    That's right and it will."

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