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Incense Set "Angel Collection"
  • Incense Set "Angel Collection"


    We enthusiastically present the dazzling and delicate Astroesoteric "Angel Collection" Incense Set, a collection designed to connect with angelic energy and enhance your spirituality.


    Frankincense, recognized for its healing capacity and its power to establish the balance of the soul, transports you to the spiritual world. That's why, at Astroesoteric, we've created a unique blend that blends the benefits of incense with the influence of angels in this extraordinary set.


    The "Angel Collection" Incense Set consists of 6 exquisitely prepared boxes:

    • Angelic Protection Incense: Invoke the divine protection of angels in your life.
    • Angel of Love Incense: Infuses the energy of universal love with angelic blessing.
    • Angel Dust Incense: Fill your living space with the presence of angels, accompanying you at all times.
    • Healing Angel Incense: Facilitate your healing process with the assistance of angels.
    • Chakras Angel Incense: Harmonize your chakras through sacred angelic essences.
    • Incense of the Seven Archangels: Invoke the power of the seven archangels to guide you in every aspect of your life.

    This set is an invaluable tool given by beings of light to purify your energy, your space and your soul. Elevate your spirituality and get in tune with your teachers and soul brothers, the angels, to experience a deeper and more meaningful connection.


    Get ready to explore new dimensions of your spirituality and allow the energy of the angels to accompany you every step of your way. With Astroesoteric's "Angel Collection" Incense Set, you are opening the door to a magical and transformative experience.

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