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Powerful Stone of Ara Talisman
  • Powerful Stone of Ara Talisman


    This talisman made up of the stone of Ara, a bouquet of cinnamon and moon bath oil is very good for obtaining divine protection, since having so much sacred energy, it will be able to provide a cloak against bad energies. In addition, it provides the ability to improve our spiritual life, since it is a way to connect with the divine beings that you create. It also has the ability to attract love, fortune and prosperity, depending on the way in which its use is approached. 


    It is important that you do not keep it in your hand, especially when you meet other people. This happens for two reasons, the first is that they are going to want to touch it and it is as if they were your eyes, so obviously contact should be avoided. The second is that there will be an exchange of vibrations between you and the stone, so that will not bring you any benefits. 


    Prayer of the Stone of Ara for its Activation.


    You must know that each stone of Ara needs to be activated with this prayer, which you must recite while holding it in your hands. It has to be in an intimate space so that the energies are synchronized with you. 


    “Powerful stone of Ara, you were born among the marbles and blessed by Saint Peter and Saint John in the Jordan.

    Saint Augustine took you and said:

    "Whoever has this Holy Stone and this blessed prayer will be the person who for her there will be no witches or sorcerers to torment her body."

    My enemies' weapons will be slow and heavy and mine will be fast and thin.

    With the mantle of Holy Mary I will cover my forehead the Consecrated Host that I keep inside of me.

    Holy Mary said:

    "Whoever had this Holy Stone and this blessed Prayer will be the person who will never find despondency in the world, his house will be blessed, his family helped, his businesses flourished, and he will reach three hundred days of indulgence at the time of his death."


    Amen Jesus, Mary and Joseph"

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